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lucystills's Journal

Lucy Lawless Stills!
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Welcome to lucystills, an icon challenge community for the lovely Lucy Lawless, who has starred in the television series Battlestar Galactica as D'Anna Biers and Xena: Warrior Princess as Xena!

Each week a new challenge will be posted. The entry will contain rules, images for you to use and a deadline. All comments will be screened on both the challenge & voting post.

1. No animations! The icon(s) you submit for a challenge cannot be animated.
2. Your submissions must remain anonymous. This means you can not use your icon or post it anywhere until the voting period is over and winners have been announced.
3. Do not tell your friends / people to vote for you, that's cheating!
4. No voting for yourself.
5. In order to enter a challenge you must join and add the community.
6. Please make sure your icon(s) fits LJ's size standards.
7. Upload your icon(s) to an image hosting site like TinyPic or Photobucket.
8. When entering / commenting to the challenge post, please include both the icon and the url:

- New challenges will be posted on MONDAY.
- You will have until FRIDAY at midnight to enter the challenge.
- Voting will start SATURDAY and last until MONDAY at midnight.
- Winners will be announced TUESDAY and banners will either be made that day or during the week.

-- Until this community gets more active, the time line won't be as strict.

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If you would like to affiliate with lucystills please comment to this entry.